An Overview

The global economy is evolving at an astonishing pace with the influence of Fast-moving consumer goods or FMCG. The reasons for the rapid rise of this sector are enhanced lifestyles, growing awareness, and simplified access. It is crucial to stay updated with the ongoing trends in this FMCG industry, as it holds the reins of the future of logistics and consumerism. Established in 2009, Quadrant Systems specializes in helping you master several challenging barriers to the FMCG industry. We play a vital role in helping companies with a massive digital transformation, thereby bringing your objectives and vision into reality. Our urge to consistently evolve and innovate new-era solutions helps us stand out in an ever-evolving industry.

Wide variety of solutions

Unlike traditional firms, we offer curated IT solutions, including Blockchain, loT, Digital Transformation, and ERP, each designed individually to help you expand your company.


Our well-equipped workforce is a proficient visionary aiming to come up with innovative ideas to benefit you in the long-run.

Artistic Vision

We are a passionate IT solutions company endeavoring to evolve frequently, thereby incorporating an agile approach towards designing unique solutions.

360 Degree view of Customers

With our user-friendly pricing and a broadened customer view, you can always opt for analytic IT solutions, without compromising in quality and efficiency.

FMCG in the marketplace

FMCG has shown massive growth in the last few years. Over the previous two years, consumer demand has expanded up to 15% globally. The market demand, driven by population density, is on the rise, with greater focus on healthier substitutes and active lifestyle. Two factors resulting in the rapid growth in the consumer market include altered demographics and growth of e-commerce. The revenue of household consumption in Africa is expected to reach $2.5 trillion by the end of 2030.

Our expertise in this sector

Quadrant Systems offers a dynamic range of FMCG solutions to help you combat your business challenges with ease. From warehouse management, administration of resources to creating smart digital stores across multiple FMCG domains, we aim to revitalize the supply chain and enhance customer engagement. Managing, administering, and assisting different obstacles of the FMCG industry is a fundamental aspect that can help determine your business’ status and performance in adhering to consumer’s convenience.

Our services

Product development and deployment

We provide analytical solutions for store and supply chain operations, product development, and deployment by using Data Analytics and AI

Proficient supply chain

Monetize your supply chain with the API economy to create new revenue ideas. Minimize costs and detect errors through CGP and retailer contribution


Create a secure multi-cloud domain, adhering to Amazon and Google Cloud, to instill flexibility into tracking vendor progress and avoid procurement costs


Gain flexibility in the entire process of production. Enhance your company’s productivity with multi-vendor services, integrated with AI solutions

How can we help you?

Customer Assistance

A compliant customer service with 24X7 assistance to offer streamlined customer experience.

Sales and finance

Plan every trade promotion to maximize sales, returns, and get an in-depth analysis of investments, thereby revitalizing consumer experience and engagement.

Productive resources

We stay up-to-date with the ongoing trends to bring about upgraded solutions, to adapt practical solutions with ease.

Personalized services

We ensure designing customized FMCG solutions based on individual needs, to attain maximum productivity.