An overview

At Quadrant Systems, we endeavor to satisfy our customers by offering comprehensive insurance services. We aim to broaden our horizons by consistently evolving and coming up with new-age solutions for helping customers expand their business with ease. With an agile and systematic approach, we come up with meticulously tested solutions so that your company gets profited to the fullest. With our extensive knowledge and ability to adapt, we design solutions that will help you stay proficient in the long run.


We offer a multitude of practical insurance solutions, each based on your requirements so that you successfully achieve sustainable growth in your business.


We aim to thoroughly analyze, understand, and examine each of our clients to offer them the most valuable experience.


We prioritize components such as quality, timely delivery of services, and customer satisfaction to enhance our potency while giving you the best-in-class solutions.


At Quadrant Systems, we follow a comprehensive method to come up with relevant and analytic solutions for helping you grow your business.

Need for Insurance in the market

The latest report by Sigma suggests that the Insurance Industry is in a strong position in the marketplace. The premium of Africa rose by 12.26% in 2017 against 4.01% globally. The Insurance market in South Africa continues to stay on top with an underwritten premium of 66.691 million USD. The Insurance industry of South Africa comprises an overall ranking of 71.7%.

What do we specialize in?

At Quadrant Systems, we ensure coming up with sustainable insurance solutions through a domain-centric approach. We have extensive knowledge in different domains, starting from sales and distribution, third party administration and brokerage, claims, accounting, billing, and much more.

Our services


We make use of a few of the advanced end-to-end progressive software systems, along with providing upgraded tools to design efficient solutions.


Our cognitive computing methodologies give you the benefit of gaining additional insights to improve, enhance, and expand your company’s performance.


Our services in Underwriting and Blockchain go through analytic procedures to give you well-devised solutions.


Taking out extensive time to understand our customers is a priority. We analyze our clients deliberately so that we successfully identify all your demands.

How can we be beneficial?

State-of-the-art technology

We develop along with the evolving technology with upgraded solutions, so that you don’t lag in the competitive business industry.

100% transparency

Our transparent structure will give you the benefit of partnering with a reliable yet effective IT solutions company.


We utilize the dynamic robotic process automation technique for enhancing software systems and digital technologies.

Automated Applications

With a blend of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, your company can operate and manage extensive tasks and operations.